Ontario Housing Market - Grater Toronto Area Canada

Dated: January 19 2022

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Ontario Housing Market - Year 2021

For a long time, the Greater #Toronto Area has been one of the hottest places in the #CanadianHousingMarket. With so much interest from #buyers and #investors, the issue of how the market will perform in the following months and years has never been more relevant.


Despite problems caused by pandemic circumstances in the previous two years, price increase in the GTA has remained high, maintaining a decades-long upward trend. Will housing prices continue to rise at a rapid pace, or will they begin to slow? Will there be a significant price drop in the next few years?


The fact that the property market in the GTA is rapidly expanding should come as no surprise to anybody paying attention. Markets in the GTA have been reporting record-breaking months and record-high housing prices for almost a year. The GTA is now one of the most expensive #home markets in Canada.


Single #detached houses sold for more than $1.5 million this month, a 30 percent increase year over year. The average price of a #semi-detached home was $1,206,016 and a condo was $715,104. As a result, #condominiums in the GTA now cost around the same as a typical single-family house did in 2014.


The GTA has been firmly within #seller's market area since this time last year, with sales up but listings down, and the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) is bringing attention to "an underlying supply issue across all house types in the Greater Toronto Area."

Housing Market Forecast for Ontario in 2022

The housing market estimate for 2022 in Ontario is dependent on a few things. Interest rates are the key driver of price declines, while an influx of #immigrants will put upward pressure on prices.

Low #mortgage rates have fueled demand and accounted for a big portion of the enormous price rises seen in the last year. Demand has been boosted by historically low mortgage rates, which have broken records, making it easier for purchasers to obtain money. The Bank of Canada has indicated that interest rates would gradually rise over the next several years, signalling that this period of low interest rates will come to an end. The impact of a rise in mortgage rates is still unknown because the exact amount by which interest rates will rise is unknown. Inflation, on the other hand, has been moving upwards, indicating that rates will almost certainly rise rather than fall.


Two considerations are now at play: whether an interest rate hike will work as a trigger for a home price correction, or whether increasing #immigration levels will be sufficient to boost demand and prevent a drop in #purchasers as a result of higher rates. Other considerations include the rate of Canada's post-pandemic recovery, population growth, and taxation, as well as unknown policy changes arising from the approaching federal election, such as legislation impacting housing supply.


With further population growth and more unfavourable detached housing conditions, the condo category, which has witnessed comparatively slower price increases, may continue to have high sales and values in the future years.

Buy Or Sell House With Yes Realty Inc In 2022

If you choose to market your home, you may be confident that it will sell quickly and for a reasonable price. Should you, however, do so? Due to the scarcity of #property in the GTA and its long-term tendency of appreciation, market prices are expected to continue robust for at least a few years. However, if you wish to shift your money somewhere else or buy in a different location, you'll discover that your money will go a lot farther in places that are more affordable.


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